Extração de pesticidas em amostras de alimentos através de sorção em ponteiras descartáveis

Oliveira T.C., Lanças F.M.

Keywords: Disposable Pipette Tip Extraction, DPX, sample preparation, pesticides in food

Abstract: Over the years, the agricultural market is facing a growing competition, and the search for increased production, quality, and pest control makes the use of pesticides increasingly necessary. The toxicity of these substances and potential health risks generate a constant charge to society for the presence of pesticide residues in food. Chromatographic techniques are widely used in the identification and quantification of these substances. Because they are present in complex matrices and low concentrations, the sample preparation becomes fundamental for the adequacy of the analytes for instrumental analysis.
Miniaturized techniques based on extracting phases are being used more and more, as they provide high performance and reduce the amount of solvent, sample, and time consumed. Among the most recent techniques, disposable pipette extraction (DPX) stands out, which uses sorbent material contained in pipette tips for extraction and concentration of the analytes present in the matrix.
The present work presents a review of the fundamentals of the DPX technique and its recent applications in the area of pesticides in food matrices.

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