A novel coffee oil extraction procedure employing pressurized solvents

Pinto J. S. S., Nixdorf S. L., Sinisterrra M. J., Lanças F. M.

Keywords: Coffee oil, arabica coffee, pressurized solvent extraction (PSE), accelerated solvent extraction (ASE), green analytical chemistry (GAC)

Abstract: In the present work, roasted coffee bean oil was obtained using two extraction methods, a pressurized solvent extraction system (PSE) and a method endorsed by the AOAC (Association of Official Analytical Chemists) INTERNATIONAL, using a Soxhlet extraction system. The yields (% w/w) obtained in each of them were similar, which allowed the conditions of each method to be compared, demonstrating that in the PSE the solvent consumption (20 mL) and the extraction time (20 min) is less at the volume used in the Soxhlet system (200mL) and the analysis time used (480 min). This makes PSE a promising extraction method for use in industry.

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