Influence of instrumental parameters on the performance of HPLC column packed with superficially porous particles sub-3 μm

Amparo, Maura Roquete; Franzini, Camila Deixum; Schiavon, Bruna; Carvalho, Lucas Sponton de; Santos Neto, Álvaro José

Palavras-chave: HPLC, superficially porous particles, extra-column volume, efficiency, instrumentation.

Resumo: There is a growth interest in chromatographic systems and columns that allow faster analysis. Recently, the introduction of sub-3 μm superficially porous particles has been showing an interesting alternative to UHPLC systems and columns, which work at pressures of about 1000 bar. The chromatographic efficiency of these new columns have been almost reaching that one of the above mentioned UHPLC columns, but under lower pressures; moreover, they have been allowing faster analyses than those obtained with traditional HPLC. A relevant aspect of using very high efficient columns is the increased demand for HPLC systems with reduced extracolumn dispersion of the chromatographic bands. In this context, this article presents the evaluation of the effects of several parameters on the performance of columns packed with superficially porous particles, forwarding the article published in the previous edition, which brought a detailed discussion about the hole of each of those parameters.

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