Molecularly imprinted polymers in sample preparation for organic compounds analysis: applications and trends

Santos, Mariane Gonçalves; Abrão, Lailah Cristina de Carvalho; Freitas, Lissara Aparecida de S.; Moraes, Gabriel De Oliveira Isac; Lima, Marcela Marília de; Figueiredo, Eduardo Costa

Palavras-chave: Molecularly imprinted polymers, MIP, sample preparation.

Resumo Molecularly imprinted polymers are synthetic materials with molecular recognition ability. These materials are obtained by polymerization reactions that fix the functional monomers around the template molecule according with the binding groups and the stereochemistry of both molecules. The MIPs have been extensively used in several applications with emphasis for sample preparation procedures as solid phase extraction, solid phase microextraction, extraction by magnetic sorbents, microextraction by packed sorbent among others. So, the objective of this review is to present the novelty in MIP use for organic compounds extraction and point out the advantages of each application, as well as what is most promising in the evolution and improvement of each technique.

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