Recent advances in MSPD for the extraction of pesticide residues, PPCPs, inorganic and organometallic compounds

Caldas, Sergiane Souza; Rombaldi, Caroline; Cerqueira, Maristela Barnes R.; Soares, Bruno Meira; Primel, Ednei Gilberto

Palavras-chave: Sample preparation, complex samples, organic compounds, inorganic compounds, MSPD.

Resumo Determination of pesticides, Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs), inorganic compounds and organometalic species in solid, semi-solid and viscous samples have been carried out using a wide number of sample preparation techniques. Low cost, high efficiency, low consumption of solvent, besides the possibility of automation have been the target. The Matrix Solid Phase Dispersion (MSPD) technique seems to be an interesting alternative for the sample preparation. MSPD is based on the sample homogenization with a solid support, which acts as an abrasive, and promotes the disruption of the physical structure of the sample. MSPD shows as the main advantages the low consumption of solvent and the high extraction efficiency. Besides, there is the possibility to carry the clean-up and the extraction in only one step. This review presents the fundamentals and applications of MSPD for the determination of pesticides, PPCPs, inorganic and organometalics contaminants in different complex samples.

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