Volume 6 / Número 2



2014, Volume 6 / Número 2  Editoriais

Happy Birthday

Lanças, Fernando M.

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2014, Volume 6 / Número 2  Tributos

Harold M. McNair. The Seventh Horizon.

Henry, Michael P.

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2014, Volume 6 / Número 2  SFC

Synthesis of stationary phases containing pyridine, phenol, aniline and morpholine via click chemistry and their characterization and evaluation in supercritical fluid chromatography

Dunkle, Melissa; West, Caroline; Pereira, Alberto; Van der Plas, Steven; Madder, Annemieke; Farrell, William; Lesellier, Eric; Lynen, Frederic; Sandra, Pat

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2014, Volume 6 / Número 2  GC-MS (MS)

Analysis of steroids using solid phase microextraction-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry-mass spectrometry (SPME-GC-MS-MS)

Chopra, Shilpi; Gomes, Paulo C. F. L.; Dhandapani, Ramkumar; Snow, Nicholas H.

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2014, Volume 6 / Número 2  GC-MS

SPME-GC-MS determination of selected aniline pesticides in surface water

Muhlen, Carin Von; Lanças, Fernando M.

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2014, Volume 6 / Número 2   Sample Preparation

Comparison of soxhlet extraction, ultrasonic bath and focused microwave extraction techniques for the simultaneous extraction of PAH´s and pesticides from sediment samples

Porevsky, Piotr Álvarez; Ruiz, Humberto Gómez; Garciadiego, Lucia Hernández

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