Molecularly imprinted solid phase extraction of hippuric and methyl hippuric acids from urine samples followed by high performance liquid chromatography analysis

Brigante, Tamires Amabile Valim; Santos, Carolina dos; Maia, Patrícia Penido; Figueiredo, Eduardo Costa

Palavras-chave: high performance liquid chromatography, hippuric acid, methyl hippuric acid, molecularly imprinted solid phase extraction, toluene, xylene.

Resumo: Toluene and xylene are widely used solvents and can cause several undesirable effects in the central nervous system when in high concentrations. The biological monitoring of these substances has often been performed analyzing their urine metabolites as hippuric (HA) and 3-methyl hippuric (3-MHA) acids, respectively for toluene and xylene. Thus, selective and sensible sample preparation methods for the extraction of these metabolites from urine samples are welcome. Therefore, this paper describes a new alternative for the simultaneous analysis of HA and 3-MHA from human urine samples using molecularly imprinted solid phase extraction and high performance liquid chromatography. The linear range, limit of quantification and correlation coefficient were from 0.5 to 8.0 mg mL -1 , 0.5 mg mL -1 and >0.992 for both analytes, respectively. Moreover, the method is reliable, precise and accurate in the linear range and it can be efficiently applied in routine analysis of HA and 3-MHA in urine samples from workers exposed to toluene and xylene in their occupational environment.

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