Multidimensional chromatographic techniques on the investigation of secondary metabolites

Prata, Paloma Santana; Mogollón, Noroska Gabriela Salazar; Augusto, Fabio

Palavras-chave: GCxGC, Multidimensional Techniques, Secondary Metabolites.

Resumo: Secondary metabolites may be defined as the compounds who are not involved with the growth and development of organisms, but they are but they are essential for the survival and continuity of the species. Because of their great structural diversity (alkaloids, terpenoids, glycosides, phenols, polyketides, the synthesis of fatty acid products, peptides) and the high degree of difficulty of analysis (complex matrices), the advancing of instrumentation machines for the analysis of secondary metabolites is required. In recent decades, non-comprehensive multidimensional techniques as LC/MS, CE/MS e GC/MS and comprehensive multidimensional techniques as LCxLC e GCxGC can be considerate one of the most utilized for secondary metabolites analysis. Thus, this review reports different types of multidimensional techniques (emphasis in comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography) for secondary metabolites studies and discusses its advantages and limitations.

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