Ionic liquids in magnetic-assisted microextraction procedures: A step forward for faster and selective sample preparation

Trujillo-Rodríguez, María J.; Anderson, Jared L.

Palavras-chave: ionic liquids, ionic liquid-based surfactants, polymeric ionic liquids, magnetic ionic liquids, magnetic separation, microextraction.

Resumo: Magnetic separations utilize an extraction material with paramagnetic properties, permitting them to be controlled under a magnetic field and contributing to a simplification of the sample preparation step. Ionic liquids represent an alternative class of solvents to conventional extraction materials, which may be toxic and possess limited selectivity or extraction efficiency. Several studies have proposed the use of ionic liquids in magnetic-assisted microextraction procedures. In some cases, the ionic liquid is combined with other materials such as magnetic nanoparticles, generating a hybrid material able to be used in magnetic-assisted procedures. In other cases, magnetic ionic liquids, which possess inherit magnetism, are directly used as magnetic extraction materials. This review provides an overview of these two possibilities towards magnetic-assisted extraction procedures.

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