Sol-gel technology: a bridge to modify selectivity in sample preparation

Nazario, Carlos E. D.; Ricci, Thiago Gomes; Silva, Amandha Kaiser da; Sobieski Neto, Eduardo; Oliveira, Karla Regina Warszawski de

Palavras-chave: sol-gel process, sample preparation, sorbent extraction.

ResumoChemical analysis usually is seen as a big challenge due to the high sample complexity and the low concentration of the analytes. Nowadays, there is a great effort to develop analytical strategies in accordance with green analytical chemistry. In this context, the miniaturized techniques, especially the sorbent-based extraction, have been highlighting for this purpose. Recently, many research groups have synthesized new sorbents in order to improve the extraction step. Sol-gel technology has been outstanding performance in this area due to its versatility in modify the selectivity and the morphology of the new material. In this review, we present basic concepts of sol-gel process used in the synthesis of new sorbents and the most recent analytical applications in different matrices.

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