Desenvolvimento de método empregando microextração em fase líquida suportada por membrana oca (HF-LPME) para determinação de sulfonamidas em água superficial por HPLC-DAD

Carasek, Eduardo; Vieira, Camila M. S.

Palavras-chave: microextraction, hollow fiber, sulfonamides, aqueous sample.

ResumoA simple, precise and accurate method was developed and validated for the extraction of sulfonamides in surface water samples over a wide linear working range and based on the principles of green chemistry. Using the liquid phase microextraction technique supported by polypropylene hollow membrane in three phase configuration the main extraction parameters were optimized through experimental design. The optimum extraction conditions are addition of 11.2 g of ammonium sulfate in 15 mL of donor phase, 1-octanol to fill the hollow fiber pores, donor and receptor phases at pH 5 and 10, respectively, and 60 min of extraction time. The separation/detection was performed by high performance liquid chromatography and diode array detection. The main analytical parameters of merit for the proposed method were evaluated, with the limit of quantification for the five sulfonamides being higher than 5 μg L-1 and relative standard deviation (RSD) less than 17%. Recovery studies revealed values between 61 – 119%. The proposed method is promising for routine analyzes in surface water, in view of the emerging concern of environmental contamination by sulfonamides.

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