Problemas com o formato dos picos em cromatografia líquida – Parte 4

Santos Neto, Álvaro José

Palavras-chave: Asymmetry, peak tailing, peak fronting, peak distortions, HPLC, liquid chromatography.

Resumo: This edition closes with the series of articles dealing with peak shape problems occurring in liquid chromatography. Peak distortions like tailing, fronting, widening, and double peaks or peaks with shoulders may occur due to several reasons and this matter needs to be detailed to provide chromatographic users with background to solve these problems. In this article, problems related with improper or defi cient buffering of the mobile phase and other phenomena will be discussed; problems not intrinsically related with asymmetry, but showing peaks with that appearance, will be addressed as well. The most common contributions to peak distortion will be briefl y studied and exemplifi ed for a better understanding, and strategies to identify and overcome these problems will be presented.

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