Determination off-line and on-line of methidathion trace in drinking water

Hernández-Rojas, M. E.; García-Camacho, P.; Baéz-Pimiento, S.; Castañon-Alonso, S. L.

Palavras-chave: drinking water, methidathion, SPE.

Resumo: In this study, a fast, simple and sensitive analytical method was developed for the determination of methidathion, organophosphorus pesticide, in water. The methidathion is determined at µg L-1 level in different types of drinking water, making a preconcentration with a C-18 silica column and analysis by HPLC with a UV-Vis detector. The preconcentration is performed in off-line (using C-18 silica extraction cartridges) and on-line (using precolumns). With both methods of preconcentration, we can reach methidathion in determining the concentrations of the order of µg  L-1 or ηg L-1 when the amount of adsorbent is increased in the cartridges. In off-line method several important solid phase extraction SPE parameters were optimized, extraction efficiency as a function of sample volume and elution mixture. Methidathion were eluted form cartridges with 5 mL of MeOH:H2 O (80:20, v/v) and 1500 mL of sample could be percolated. Under the optimum extraction conditions, this method showed low limit of quantification (0.1 mg L-1 ), but the low recovery (50-12%) of the methidathion in environmental samples may appreciate the limitations of the method off-line to analyze traces of methidathion in aqueous samples. On-line extraction presented that the use of precolumns allows faster determination without risk of contamination with a smaller sample volume and improved coefficient of variation (<7.8%), achieving recoveries of 100% and detection limit 0.4 µg L-1. 

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