Fractionated subcritical carbon dioxide extraction of triacyglycerides from coffea arabica

Moreira J. J. S., Pinto J. S. S., Oliveira T. C., Lanças F. M.

Keywords: SFE; HT-HRGC, Coffea arabica oil, Subcritical fluid extraction, Green Analytical Chemistry (GAC)

Abstract: A commercially essential coffee specie is Coffea arabica L. Most commercial coffee beverages are made from arabica beans or its blends. Consequently, the arabica variety has a higher price. Oxidation of lipids in coffee stored for a long time has been reported with the loss of coffee quality. Although the behavior of coffee lipids during storage has not been systematically examined, few studies have been reported on the release of fatty acids. Chemical analysis can then be applied to the quality control of the lipid fraction. Using this approach, a method for the analysis of triacylglycerides (TAGs) by high-temperature high-resolution gas chromatography with flame ionization detection (HT-HRGC/FID), after supercritical or subcritical fluid extraction (SFE/SbFE), was developed. The extraction was performed with a home-made SFE in the Coffea arabica L. oil sample. TAGs composition of Brazilian Coffea arabica oil was found to go from as T52 a T56.

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